In this link, we will explain the badges and belts that Coderdojo has. We hope it is useful for you.

The badges and belts are awarded as a recognition for the participation in Coderdojo. Badges/belts are awarded by Dojo Champions, for many things, but they are awarded directly by the Coderdojo foundation in case of special events such as the Coolest Proyects. There are many badges and belts that you can get. The most common are beginner, intermediate and advanced but there are some others like champion, my first dojo and even a mentor badge! Belts however are very different, they tell you the level you are in and you get one each year. There are many belts: white, yellow, green, blue, red, orange and black.

These are the types of badges that there are

Badge awarded for... Types of badge in this section Image
App Inventor
  • Begginer App Inventor
  • mediate App Inventor
  • Champion Champion badge
    Community events
  • Coolest events 2016
  • Coolest projects 2017
  • Dojocon 2016
  • Europe code week 2016
  • Kilkeny CoderDojo: scratch competition entry
  • Dojo Attendance
  • First Dojo
  • Attend 5 Dojo sessions
  • Attend 10 Dojo sessions
  • Attend 25 Dojo sessions
  • HTML and CSS
  • HTML and CSS begginer badge
  • HTML and CSS intermediate badge
  • HTML and CSS advanced badge
  • Javascript
  • Begginer Javascript
  • Intermediate Javascript
  • Advanced Javascript
  • Mentor Mentor Badge
  • Begginer Python
  • Intermediate Python
  • Scratch
  • Begginer Scratch
  • Intermediate Scratch
  • Advanced Scratch
  • Volunteer
  • Inspiring Ninja
  • CoderDojo Ethos
  • These are the types of belts you can gete awarded:

    Coderdojo's official website.